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# Please go through MUST requirements mentioned below before proceeding for Mobile Registration.
UMobile Registration.
 Debit Card Number *
 Debit Card PIN * Click radio button to enter from Virtual KeyBoard
 Account Number *
 Enter either Date of Birth Or PAN (One of the two is mandatory) *
 Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY)
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 PAN Number
 Enter details of any 1 transaction out of last 5 of Account specified above.
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#  MUST requirements for Mobile Registration:
  • Debit Card number & Debit Card PIN number.
  • Account Number should be linked to above Debit Card.
  • DOB or PAN should present for above account at branch.
  • Your mobile number should present for above account at branch.
  • Your e-mail id should present for above account at branch.
  • At Present UMobile is availavble for Indian Numbers only.
  • Update your details at branch, if not present in your record.
 For any query contact our Call Centre - 1800 22 22 44.
Security Note:
  • Never respond to any link/call/message provided in email/site/phone.
  • Don't share your credentials with anyone.
  • Union Bank never asks for such information.
  • Always access this page from Bank's Website only.