Union Bank


We offer following accessibility features for the visually impaired screen reader users to navigate and operate Internet Banking portal:

  • Accessible CAPTCHA: Screen reader accessible CAPTCHA solution is provided.
  • HTML elements: Navigate HTML elements using keyboard tab key or screen reader specific elements list commands.
  • HTML Headings: Provided for better navigation and organizing content.
  • Quick Navigation: Access using screen reader HTML quick navigation keys (e.g., landmarks, regions, buttons, headings, text, links, etc.).
  • Navigation Menus: Main menus in the navigation pane region post logged in are keyboard operable. Users can use the down arrow and tab keyboard navigation to access main menus, list menus, and submenus.
  • Mouse Over Links: Activate Mouse Over screen reader keyboard command to simulate moving the mouse pointer over the element at the Virtual Cursor location.
  • Forms Navigation: HTML forms provided for transactions, including text boxes, edit combo boxes, and buttons.
  • Edit Combo List (Drop-down List): Custom control with drop-down list and show all button. Keyboard users can operate this control by deleting the pre-existing default value in the edit box and then pressing either the up or down arrow key to select the desired value from the drop-down list.
  • Date Entry: Calendar form field control with an editable field for keyboard entry.
  • Table navigation: Use screen reader table commands to move, read and navigate tables presented in the portal.

Please refer to the ‘User Manual for Accessing Union Bank of India Internet Banking Portal with Keyboard and Screen Reader’ available at the menu link ‘User guides & FAQs’ on the Union Bank of India online home page for detailed guidance.

Bank is committed to providing accessible online banking experience and functionality for all users. We are progressively enhancing accessibility for persons with disabilities. This portal is improved for maximum keyboard and screen reader accessibility.

If you have any feedback with accessibility using screen reader and assistive technologies, please write to our digital accessibility team unionaccess[At the rate]unionbankofindia[Dot]bank